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Posture, Breathing Techniques and Breath Support Series

Learning how to sing starts with Posture and Breathing.  These are the foundation for healthy vocal production. If you are just beginning your singing journey, you should begin here. There’s a good bit of myth surrounding these two topics of singing, such as “you need to have a straight back,” and “breathe from your diaphragm.” 

It’s important to fully understand why these are bits of advice are problematic and exactly what it means to have good posture and breathing technique.  This series of posts will help to unravel these myths and set up your foundation for good singing.  

Practice Tips Series

10 Practicing tips for busy singers. Need help finding time to practice singing? Get a Free practice time finding printable. #singing #singingtips #vocaltechniqueHow Much Do I Really Need to Practice? Get Real Life Practicing Tips for Busy People, learn the steps to song learning and how to plan out your schedules to fit in your rehearsals.

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