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I started Classical Voice Studio online to serve those singers who are tired of getting the same old recycled advice.

There are a lot of webpages about singing on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of the advice out there is super generic and over simplified. I began Classical Voice Studio to create a place where singers could go that would really serve them. Somewhere they can get more than the generic “sing from your diaphragm” (which is really misleading because there’s no human way to breathe without it). Somewhere that would actually show you how to actually carry that out in easy to understand steps.

A little about my background:

I have always had a passion for singing and music.  I’ve been singing since I can remember and joined every choir that I could that my school offered growing up.  I knew that I wanted to share my passion with the world, so I decided to go to college for music. I ​ attended Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and graduated in 2009 with a degree in Music Education with a concentration in Voice.

In the 8 years since, I have taught high school and middle school choirs, taught private voice lessons, directed my church choir and bell choir and sung in local music productions.  Also in that time, I got married and started a family.

I decided to take my expertise online when my son turned 2 years old.  I wanted to stay home with him, but I also wanted to contribute to my household- and I didn’t want to give up sharing my passion for music.  That’s why beginning Classical Voice Studio online made so much sense for me.  It’s the best of both worlds- I can be home with my son and I can teach people how to sing!

“Life is a song

               Love is the Music”

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